Noise Induced Hearing Loss

“I always have to ask people to repeat themselves”


Noise Induced Hearing Loss

If you suffer from hearing loss that you think could be related to the industry you work in or any historic employment read the following information on the signs and causes of the condition.

What is Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) also known as Industrial Hearing Loss, is a work related condition that is common in industries where excessive noise is prevalent. The noise levels in these workplaces can cause a permanent hearing impairment which can led to many issues for the sufferer such as problems with conversations and other sound related activities. Noise induced hearing loss often appears years, if not decades later from the original exposure meaning many people do not identify their work as the cause. The condition is acquired through exposure to excessive noise levels which damages the cells inside the inner ear leading to ringing, buzzing or muffling in the sufferers ears.

What has caused my hearing loss?

In order to establish what has caused your hearing loss we will need to gain a full understanding of your employment history to decipher whether your hearing loss has been caused by work.

We often find that people who have worked in a noisy environment and been exposed to excessive levels are more susceptible to damage. Of course, others who have been in contact with the same noise may have 100% hearing. Everyone is different.

Symptoms of hearing loss

There are many different types of hearing loss symptoms which can vary in severity, this all depends on past factors such as the exposure to noise and the type of protection provided. We have generated a list of common questions we use to identify your symptoms below:

·        Do your family complain that you talk loudly?

·        Do you have the television on at its full volume?

·        Do you have trouble hearing the telephone when it rings?

·        Do you have problems hearing other people speak because of background noises?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions it could be that you do have an issue with your hearing. You may want to get in contact with your GP to diagnose the noise damage.

How much are industrial hearing loss claims worth?

The amount of compensation awarded will depend on individual circumstances and the severity of hearing loss suffered. The Judicial College (JC) is a panel of experts who set the guidelines that act as the starting point for determining what level of compensation injuries attract. For Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims, the JC guidelines are as follows:

Guidance for Hearing Loss

If you wish to explore you legal rights and options, our panel solicitors have a great deal of industry knowledge and a thorough understanding of legislation, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your case will be in highly capable hands. The team will gather evidence and work with specialists to make sure that you have access to any medical care, rehabilitation and support you require.

Since 1963 employers were duty bound by law to protect their employees’ hearing against unsafe levels of noise. If your employer failed to provide hearing protection (i.e. ear defenders, ear plugs etc), and didn’t give you regular breaks away from the noise they may have been negligent.

Many employers disregarded their health and safety obligations and it is their negligence that has led to the permanent damage to your hearing.

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