Accidents happen…


Following a road traffic accident you can be left with profound injuries such as whiplash, bruising, head trauma and serious spinal damage.

Though some injuries can be seen with the naked eye, other injuries can cause mental trauma and can create a knock on effect to not only to those left injured, but to loved ones and family.


As either a driver or a passenger, if a car accident has resulted in you suffering injuries, you can access compensation from the insurance company of the opposing driver if they are at fault.

In some instances, if the other driver was not insured, you may be able to obtain compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau. This is an organisation that compensates victims of uninsured and untraced drivers.

If you were involved in an accident where you were partially at fault, you still may be able to recover compensation.


As a passenger using public transport, you entrust your driver to ensure your safety at all times. However, there is never the guarantee that this is always the case.

Whether the driver was at fault or not, should you be involved in a road traffic accident whilst you were a passenger on a bus, you can contact us and we can assess whether a claim can be made.

Buses today are fitted with CCTV and will keep a record of the accident. Our specialist will offer their expertise and take ownership of the necessary red-tape that is not uncommon involving transport companies


Motorcyclists are 40 times more prone to road traffic accidents than any other road user. Although motorcycle related accidents only account for 1% of the total road accidents, unfortunately, motorcyclists accounted for around 20% of road deaths last year.

Motorcyclists are a highly vulnerable community on the road. Our specialist solicitors are experienced in acting for Motorcyclists and know how to win these case on liability.


As a pedestrian, being knocked down can have a devastating effect not only physically but psychologically.

Sadly pedestrians are the most vulnerable type of road user. They can often be seriously injured and in some cases pedestrians can be fatally injured.

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