Surgical negligence Claims  

Surgical Error compensation claims 

Surgery is a daunting prospect for anyone, irrespective of their condition or age.  Although standards of surgical practice in the UK are generally high, surgical mistakes do happen and are statistically increasing because of pressure on resources and an increase in the total annual number of surgical procedures.  Patients who suffer surgical errors are entitled to know what went wrong and why.   

What Is A Surgical Error?

A surgical error happens when there is a mistake during an operation.  For example, operating on the wrong leg or, more commonly, injuring a nerve or artery.  Not all mistakes amount to negligent surgical treatment; only those where a doctor’s care fell below a reasonable standard are likely to lead to a successful surgical malpractice claim and, ultimately, surgical negligence compensation. 

We also offer no win, no fee agreements for A&E claims, meaning there is normally no upfront cost and no financial risk to you when you start a claim with Pursuit Claims .

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Types of Sergical Negligence 

Our expert panel solicitors have successfully resolved many surgery compensation claims stemming from sub-standard care under the NHS and from private Hospitals.  These claims, for adults and children, are all different but are likely to fall under one of the following categories:

  • Unintended damage to arteries, nerves or other internal organs.
  • Sub-standard surgery (focusing on the competency of the surgeon and their decisions).
  • Problems with anaesthetic (too much or too little anaesthetic).
  • Failure to monitor a patient’s heart rate and breathing (both during and after surgery).
  • Operating on the wrong limb or internal organ.
  • Performing unnecessary or overly extensive surgery.
  • Failing to remove instruments and swabs from the patient when completing the surgery.
  • Failing to obtain full and proper informed consent for a surgical operation.

How Do I Pay For Making A Surgery Error Claim?

Many medical negligence claims are paid for by No Win No Fee Agreements. Please refer to our no win no fee page for further details 

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